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Fear of dermal Filling

Many clients I see are cautious about starting with any aesthetics treatments.

With regards to fillers specifically, in my experience the most common causes for concern include:

1) Fear of looking unnatural

2) Fear of being judged by other people

3) The assumption that fillers are only for women

4) Fear of needles / pain

4) Fear of downtime

5) Cost

These anxieties are understandable and some may even say well founded. However dermal fillers can, for those who do make the leap of faith provide a really natural solution to facial ageing.

What are fillers?

The fillers I use are Hyaluronic Acid based, this is a substance found naturally in the body. There are many different dermal filler brands on the market. I use the Juvedermrange made by Allergan because for me, this is the best for quality and longevity.This range is approved by the FDA in the USA and has a good safety record. Fillers can be used to replace volume that is naturally lost as we age.

As we get older the fat pads in the cheek area start to slide downwards creating deep lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Later these will travel beyond the mouth creating lines down to the jaw line and creating an unhappy look. The area around the jaw line also starts to slacken leading to jowls.

These areas are all suitable for fillers. Starting at a younger age means that less product is needed to address problem areas. The deeper the lines or volume loss, the more product required to correct.

Fillers are also used to give volume or hydration to lips and around the mouth area. This issue may not be age related as not all of us are blessed with naturally full lips.

Different fillers will last for different lengths of time; this is also dependent on where in the face they are placed.

Addressing the concerns

Going back to the concerns I have identified, here are my responses:

Fear of looking unnatural

I spend a good amount of time time explaining to clients that celebrities like Kylie Jenner have a lot of product to achieve their look. For all those well known faces who have had very obvious work done, there are many people in the public eye who have had subtle treatments that are not noticeable to the untrained eye. Fillers can be administered according to the individual needs and requirements.

Fear of being judged by other people

My stance on this is that unless people have had aesthetic treatments themselves they are unlikely to notice yours. Most of my clients tell me that following treatments, they will get comments such as ‘you look well’. This is because, once again subtle treatmentwith fillers will look natural, so people may see a difference but they are unable to pinpoint what it is.

The assumption that fillers are only for women

Dermal filler treatments are suitable for men and women alike. The natural structure of the face may mean that the techniques we use will differ between men and women in order to preserve the masculinity / femininity of the individual but fillers can provide men with a real solution to facial ageing.

Fear of needles / pain

Before being treated with fillers, anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated. The fillers themselves are also combined with anaesthetic. Lips are the most uncomfortable area to treat but most people find treatments with fillers to be a comfortable pain free experience. Most people have a natural fear of needles to some extent so you are no different to anyone else.

Fear of downtime

There is always a risk of downtime, so whilst you may be able to fit treatments into your lunch break you do need to account for the fact that there may be signs that you have popped out for ore than a sandwich. This downtime includes the possibility of bruising and swelling. Whilst this is usually easy to cover, if you are very sensitive about maintaining privacy or you have an important event, always schedule fillers allowing time for such possibilities to resolve.


Aesthetic treatments are not cheap as compared to facials. However, the results are long lasting and are greatly rejuvenating. You do not need to do everything in one treatment. The beauty of fillers can be that you can spread your treatments over the year in order to manage the cost and you can gradually work on areas that you wish to improve.

If you are interested in finding out more about the possible outcome from dermal filler treatments, please get in touch.

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